PSM Corp was established in January 1985 , starting as a maker of parts for the electronics industry, jobs miscellaneous aluminum , steel and stainless steel,
with the intention of meeting the needs of the local manufacturing and construction.


About Us

PSM Corp's mission is to manufacture quality parts on time to our customers. To achieve the desired results and in turn generate business growth expectations for both the industry and our employees. To ensure consistency in manufacturing operations and quality control so that we can provide our customers with a product that meets the standards defined by the company and the consumer.
Continued growth in the manufacturing industry manufacturing metal parts giving our customers a precision of excellence. Contributing to the island of Puerto Rico our knowledge and work for a better product. PSM Corp aims to increase sales and strengthen commercial ties with their customers.
Has 29 years of industry experience in manufacturing metal parts. A Puerto Rican company serving industry and construction. PSM Corp account with fully trained staff and extensive experience in industrial metals.

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PSM Corp is a division of Business Empresas Rivera Siaca . A native Puerto Rican corporation that is involved in real estate, investments and manufacturing with more than five hundred employees in five different cities of the island.


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Address: Humacao Industrial Park,
State Road #3 K.m.76.9
Humacao, PR 00791

Phone: (787) 852-3555
(787) 852-4836

Fax: (787) 852-3036