Q: What is the reason for becoming a member of PSM?

A: This page has been designed with the purpose of supporting the manufacturing industry of precision parts in the island of Puerto Rico. When a person becomes a member is telling us that you agree with us and supporting us to continue making the "Made in PR" and thus promote jobs for our workers.

Q: What is PSM Corporation?

A: PSM Corporation is a Puerto Rican company that manufactures precision parts in metal plates. And we are a division of Rivera Siaca Companies.

Q: How long have you been in the industry?

A: Puerto Rico We have been working for 27 years, since 1985.

Q: What type of work produced?

A: We produce quality parts when we get the raw material cut, bend, polish, sanded, welded, thread and paint to make powder.

Q: What type of material work?

A: We work with materials such as aluminum, galvanized, minispangle, stainless steel, cold roll steel and copper among others. Also handle different thicknesses of material.

Q: What type of equipment used?

A: We use precision machines that have a tolerance of up to .006 mils for AMADA punch as VIPRO, AMADA PEGA, BRAKE AMADA bending to insert rivet HAGER use the machine, used to threads fixed bench drills, polishing and de-burr use power sanders, and more.

Q: Who are your customers?

A: We currently produce parts for the electronics industry, some of our clients are: Eaton Arecibo Eaton of Coamo, in the past the Puerto Rico Telephone Company, Dual Lite, Cardinal among others, also in the last years we have produced prototypes for green industry Companies such as Maximo and Solar Industries of Puerto Rico has chosen us as his cabinet manufactures solar batteries.

Q: How do you control quality?

A: PSM Corporation establishes a system of quality control that has characterized us for years. Our products are free from defects such as blemishes, deformities, defects in material and / or design and we adjust the color and other appropriate characteristics, also maintain tolerance to the specifications of our customers.

Q: What are the advantages to using a PSM?

A: The advantages are that preserves and enhances the quality of your product. Have greater participation in the market, reduce quality costs the company to reduce costs as wasted materials, rework and returns. Reach have competitive prices, thus increasing profits. Minimizes complaints from customers and increases your productivity.

Q: Are storage area and download?

A: If we have a truck unloading area and we have an area of ​​90,000 square feet of usable space. We also have competent employees who can handle the merchandise.

PSM Corp is a division of Business Empresas Rivera Siaca . A native Puerto Rican corporation that is involved in real estate, investments and manufacturing with more than five hundred employees in five different cities of the island.


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